Who Are We

We’re Kris Hoots and Steve Thomas.
We’re “partners in all things.”

Best friends.
Business partners.

Partners in the adventure of this life.

The quickest way to know us is to know what we believe:

We believe in following Jesus but we’re still a lot of fun and not very religious.
We believe in the magic of great music, live theatre and shared experience.
We believe in working hard and playing harder.
We believe Lin-Manuel Miranda was right: It’s time to rise up!
We believe there are more opportunities to grow small businesses than ever before.
We believe in humbly daring greatly.
We believe life’s not about how much you money you make, it’s all about how we live every day.
We believe you should always have a great book going.
We believe Walt Disney dreamed big and managed to create the happiest place on earth.
We believe generosity is life-changing for the giver.
We believe dogs should come to the office.
We believe stories change lives and ring cash registers.
We believe pirates, outsiders, rebels and immigrants really do change the world.
We believe it’s all about relationships (so much that we managed to trademark it for our niche).
We believe in extraordinary food experiences and smooth coffee.

That’s a little of what we believe.
Let’s connect. We’d love to hear what you believe.