Non Profit Consulting

It doesn’t matter how you say it: “nonprofit” or “not for profit.” Raising money to change the world is a bumpy road today.

Raising money for your charity can feel like the impossible dream.

Donors are distracted, confused and picky.

There might have been a fairytale time for development. But it’s not now (in spite of what your Board might think).

Donors have never been tougher to reach. There’s never been more competition from other organizations trying to woo your donors. Oh, and don’t forget the explosion of strategies and tools that really just scatter everyone’s attention.

Easy answers won’t work. You know that in your heart.

Marketing that delivers for an insurance agent or body shop won’t connect with donors.

1970’s fundraising solutions don’t work. (Really 1990’s solutions don’t work).

Oh and don’t forget that every day somewhere there’s a college student starting a cause to raise money on Go Fund Me . . . and compete for your donor’s attention and support.

It’s a really hopeless situation with the tide running hard against you.


You know you’re changing the world.

And your organization does great work.

How do you compete for attention?

How can you grow your income?

How do you retain donors?

How do you find those mythical Major Donors hiding in your donor database?

Should you restart that Monthly Donor program?

Should you do a new website?

Why won’t the Board raise more money?

We get it.

Hoots & Thomas Nonprofit Consulting offers you the chance to have the thinking and strategies that raise tens of millions of dollars annually for our clients.

Our advertising agency, Oneicity, provides fundraising, marketing and consulting for a variety of charities. We have a proven track record of creating revenue growth through direct mail, newspaper, television, email, websites. events and social media.

Our direct mail strategies deliver results and most importantly, donor relationships. We’ve pioneered eACQ (new donor acquisition with digital strategies) which outpaces national averages and “benchmarks” for new donor acquisition. And what’s really fun is it’s affordable and scalable for smaller organizations.

All our strategies are rooted in Donor Focused Messaging, which connects with donors at a heart level.

Whatever keeps you up at night, we’ve probably been there. We’re unique in that we’ve worked inside nonprofits before we began consulting. We’ve sat in the CEO chair and sweated making payroll. We’ve worked the frontline keeping the donors happy.

We can help. And more importantly, if we can’t we’ll know that, too.