Small Business Consulting

Everyone has the answer to your business problem.

Your customers and clients think they know how you should run things: really just do it cheaper, faster and with more quality . . . oh and more customization would be ideal.

Your hourly employees think they know exactly what you should do. Funny how folks with no view of the actual picture of expenses and revenue think they have the secret sauce to make you more money.

Slick dudes on the web with a book and program have the easy answers to your business problem: just sign up and fork over your Visa card. Funny how the solution to your unique problem just happens to be the solution they’re selling. The one they sell to everyone. Oh and the business they’ve built is selling their “solution” to rubes on the web.

Whatever media the ad gal is pushing just happens to be exactly what you need to turn things around. Or the marketing flack with nearly 19 full months of real-world experience has the magic solution you’ve missed.

The reality is that when you’re wrestling with a small business problem or dreaming of growing your business everyone knows the solution with complete certainty. And funny how few of those people have actually built and grown a business. Or solved one of those “smoke in the cockpit” kind of problems.

They can’t understand this isn’t a business. It’s your dream. It’s your homestead. It’s your family’s future. It’s your baby.

You’ve pulled all-nighters, sweated payroll, wrestled with those damn taxes and put your energy where your dreams are. And this thing that’s just an account to someone else is a chunk of your heart.

Don’t listen to just anyone when you want to grow your business or solve your biggest problem.

You really should listen to people who’ve built real businesses doing real work, making real money for real clients. Talk to people who’ve built something real, not just people who know the theory. We live that reality every day. And have for years. And have grown year over year over year.

As a newly married couple, we dreamed of working together, paying our mortgage and having a work life that was more than making money for other people.

That crazy dream of ours literally began at our 1950’s formica kitchen table and grew into a multi-million dollar business. All with no borrowed money and no investors. We bootstrapped our baby.

And 2016 was our company’s 8th consecutive year of significant growth. Specifically 22% growth in revenue on top of 38% growth the previous year.

Lots of people will tell you how to grow your business. We’ve actually done it.

And if you’re a husband and wife team running a business, we know that delightful circus as well. We’ve figured out some of the key principles that make the “partners in all things” work.

Let’s dream together.